Cadaverous Dissection
General Information

The knowledge of the anatomy is indispensable to the clinical approach.This requires a theoretical and practical learning through dissection mortis: a double requirement highlighted and facilitated by EFEAC (École de Formation et d’Évaluation Anatomo-Clinique).

The course will be taught in French and simultaneously it will be translated into Portuguese.

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Program Contents

Module I
– Neck
– Upper Limb
– Chest

Module II
– Lower Limb
– Abdomen

Module III
– Skull
– Mandibular Joint
– Spine (cervical, dorsal and lumbar)
– Intra and extra pelvic perineum

Doutor Nestor Gomez – Cirurgião
André Soussan – Osteopata D.O.
André Metra – Osteopata D.O. MROF.

Faculdade de Medicina René Decartes
Au Centre du don du corps, 45
Rue des Saints Pères
75006 Paris – França

Date e Schedule
To Schedule

Access Requirements
Candidates with basic training in healthcare

Maximum of students
30 students

EFEAC Certification

Unique Fee

Note: The Fee includes the course, flight and stay (double rooms* or triple room**) with breakfast and lunch.
* The students who prefer a single room will have an added cost of 80€.
** In case of an odd group there will be a triple room.

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