Neuroplasticity in chronic pain. The osteopathic view of chronic pain as a constitutional disease.

Author: Sérgio Miguel Pereira Santos Abstract Pain is an unpleasant multidimensional phenomenon with a neuronal or physiological component and it is a consequence of diseases or regional structures disorders due to a dysfunction of the nervous system. It results from the activation of harmful receptors and it is called neuropathic pain, when it results from a […]

Case Study: The contribution of Classical Osteopathy in a child with PHDA

Author: Cláudia Gomes Abstract Introduction: Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (PHDA) is a neurodevelopmental disorder of high prevalence, constituting the main reason for referral to neurodevelopment or child and adolescent mental health consultations. In the view of osteopathy, authors say that osteopathic treatment of the entire body has positively influences in learning/school problems. Although the mechanism of […]

Long Leverage: A “New” Therapeutical Approach to Fascia

Authors: Francisco Toscano Jimenez, Cristina Gioja “It is a question to apply all the science within and under the application of the principles of Osteopathy, as it is those which differentiate it from other forms of therapy” J.M. Littlejohn "Osteopathy in its original sense was considered and regarded as a set of therapeutical principles rather than just [...]

The Neural Basis of the Osteopathic Lesion

Irvin M. Korr, Ph. D. Department of Physiology Kirksville College of Osteopathy and Surgery Kirksville, M. INTRODUCTION Four of the main principles in osteopathy appear to be: 1. Joints and their supports are subject to anatomic and functional derangements. 2. These derangements have distant as well as local effects. 3. They are related, directly or […]

Series of Monographic Lectures Vol. 1: The Body Adjustment in Theory & Practice

The LISCO Monographic Lecture Series is intended to be extracts of valuable observations, studies and lectures. The collection covers the topics of principles and philosophy of Osteopathy, body mechanics applied physiology and osteopathic therapeutics. The first volume is dedicated to the development of the Body Adjustment in theory and practice, with attention paid to the interpretation of […]

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