Diretor's Message

Although we are a very young institution, nor must we forget that what we do here is very old, it comes from afar and goes far: it began that lost day in times, when a human being realized for the first time that behind the biomechanics existed an immanent physiology into the structure versus function equation, and was mandatory to pass to the next generation the experience and knowledge that “labor, work and action” had provided, as Hanna Arendt would say. In that distant day, for decades, that human initiated one of the most beautiful activities and noblest of mankind: the teaching of Osteopathy.

It is with the commitment and duty to our ancestors and students, that we assume the teaching of Osteopathic Medicine according their early Principles, with the intent to evolution and progress of knowledge.

Welcome to IPOC.

The Principal,
Marco Silvestre

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