Mission & Values

IPOC has the assignment of ensure the consistent progress of the knowledge society, addressing and stimulating the sustainable human development, through the concepts and principles that rules Osteopathic Medicine, through the study of the body and its manifestations, in the interaction of biological and psychological processes with the sociocultural values in different social contexts.

This project is built on three main principles that define us: Commitment, Progress and Respect.

  • Commitment to defend the concept and the principles of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • Progress of these same principles on a scientific and universal basis.
  • Respect towards the students in order to afford them a loyal, inspiring, credible and effective education, into their clinical practices.

IPOC was born from a need to provide postgraduate training in Osteopathic Medicine, in order to promote the teaching according to the concept and principles institutionalised by its founders.

IPOC has the mission to graduate classical osteopaths with sense of ethics and technically and professionally well prepared, that can make a difference in their clinical practices.

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