Authors: Francisco Toscano Jimenez, Cristina Gioja

“It is a question to apply all the science within and under the application of the principles of Osteopathy, as it is those which differentiate it from other forms of therapy” J.M. Littlejohn

“Osteopathy in its original sense was considered and regarded as a set of therapeutical principles rather than just slick manoeuvres of a manual therapy. It’s curious to define or shall we say redefine the actual word “Osteopathy”. This word does not refer to the scope of treatment but indicates a certain meticulous affinity to anatomy. Andrew Taylor Still developed the word “Osteopathy” from the Greek words “ὀστέον” and “πάθεια”, which refer respectively to bones and to a certain empathy or sympathy towards an incoming experience. Here we observe that osteopathy defines a therapeutic approach that values the role of the osseous structures as a medium through which the mechanical organic adjustment of the body is performed. The purpose of this article is to elaborate on the concept of Body Adjustment (BA) as a method of treatment of the whole body and particularly in the field of fascia by using long leverage techniques.”

This article was taken from the book “Fascia in the Osteopathic Field” Chapter 43 page 445 to 446.

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Long Leverage: A “New” Therapeutical Approach to Fascia

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