Irvin M. Korr, Ph. D.
Department of Physiology
Kirksville College of Osteopathy and Surgery
Kirksville, M.


Four of the main principles in osteopathy appear to be:

1. Joints and their supports are subject to anatomic and functional derangements.
2. These derangements have distant as well as local effects.
3. They are related, directly or indirectly, to other pathologic influences.
4. They may be recognized, and their local and distant effects influenced favorably by manipulation.

Accepting the existence of joint derangements (osteopathic lesions), it is our purpose in this paper to examine not the mechanical and etiological factors involved, but rather the fundamental basis for principles 2 and 3 and to a small extend principle 4 and report progress in our understanding thereof.

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The Neural Basis of the Osteopathic Lesion

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