The LISCO Monographic Lecture Series is intended to be extracts of valuable observations, studies and lectures. The collection covers the topics of principles and philosophy of Osteopathy, body mechanics applied physiology and osteopathic therapeutics.

The first volume is dedicated to the development of the Body Adjustment in theory and practice, with attention paid to the interpretation of body mechanics according to the concepts advocated by Littlejohn and John Wernham.

The second volume will be dedicated to Physiology, with a particular emphasis on the process of disease. The great osteopathic researchers like Louisa Burns, McConnell, Tasker and other great osteopathic pioneers are reviewed under the light of recent scientific developments.

The third volume will be dedicated o the principles and philosophy of Osteopathy as they are applied in healthcare. Osteopathic history of applied therapeutics will assist the reader to reconstruct the link between the original method introduced by Andrew Taylor Still and present-day medical practice.

We are proud to announce that this first paper is published as LISCO’s introduction in association with lecturers at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and the Canadian Institute of Classical Osteopathy.

This lecturers are intended to offer a fresh perspective on Classical Osteopathy in order to promote further research and study.

Cristina Gioja & Francisco Toscano Jimenez
Founder of  LISCO – 4th May, 2015

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Series of Monographic Lectures Vol. 1: The Body Adjustment in Theory & Practice

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