Classical Osteopathy Specialisation Course
General Information

The Specialisation Course in Classical Osteopathy is taught in a modular format according to the models lectured in England, Spain and Canada with an integrated internship for a period of 3 months.

This course grants to the finalist the necessary skills to a competent professional practice, being able to practice and integrate the labor market as a Classical Osteopath.

The two finalists who obtain the better use, will get a scholarship of 500€, to attend the Course of Dissection of Corpses in EFAEC in Paris (France), under the agreement between the two institutions. Also all the finalists students will get the opportunity to attend the respective course of DISSECTION OF CORPSES.

Study Plan

Note: All classes taught in English have simultaneous translation into Portuguese.

See Terms and Conditions.

  • Integration of Concepts and Principles of Osteopathy according to their founders; Andrew T. Still & John M. Littlejohn.
  • Understanding of the Physiology in the Function versus Structure equation, approaching the biomechanics of the lines and arches according to Littlejohn.
  • Achieve the mechanical – physiological reasoning behind the pathology.
  • To empower the trainee to evaluate the patient and apply the Body adjustment to a safe level of competence.

Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Doctors.

Teaching Staff
The trainers are named by the IPOC coordinator, respecting the following points:
a) Theoretical classes take place under the guidance of a trainer previously nominated.
b) Practical classes take place under the guidance of the appointed trainer and two assistants trainers.
c) If the trainers appointed cannot fulfill their commitment, by majeure force, the IPOC coordinator is entitled to rename another substitute trainer, rises notice to students.

To schedule

9h30 to 12h30 and 14h00 to 17h30

Maximum number of students per class
24 students

Required Documentation

  • Identity Card + Fiscal Card or Citizen Card or Passport + Fiscal Card
  • Qualification certificates (Basic course in osteopathy)
  • Filling in the registration form
  • 1 passport photo in digital format

– Registration: 70€ (includes insurance, lab coat and teaching materials)
– I Module: 225€ per seminar
– II Module: 250 € per seminar
– III Module: 300 € per seminar

Method of Payment
– 295 € ( 70 € registration + 225 € 1º Seminar) at the registration act
– Subsequent seminars: up to 5 days before the start of each seminar by bank transfer, by bank check or post office payment

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